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The Essential Facial $115

Our foundational facial, meticulously designed to emphasize the essential skincare steps. The 45-minute session offers versatility; you have the option to customize your facial by selecting preferred add-ons or to opt for a straightforward treatment focused on deeply cleansing and balancing the skin for monthly maintenance. The neck and décolleté are always included but remain optional.


The Everything Facial $170

Our comprehensive “esthetician’s choice” facial, encompassing any necessary modality, treatment, or service tailored to your skin's needs. The 90-minute duration enables us to incorporate services from our add-on menu, exclusive treatments, and added time eliminating the need for you to select additional add-ons when booking. The specific treatments and add-ons will be determined at the time of your appointment, with the inclusion of up to three add-ons typically available. The neck and décolleté are always included but remain optional.


The Dermaplane $115

Always a client favorite, this treatment is ideal for those seeking a deep cleanse, advanced exfoliation, and hydrationl. Dermaplaning is a noninvasive exfoliation service that removes dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" using a sterile blade, instantly brightening your skin and enhancing the effectiveness of skincare products. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize this treatment into a build-your-own facial by selecting your preferred treatments from our add-on menu!

Ideal for: any and all skin types but not recommended for clients with active acne or are prone to breakouts!


The Clarifying Facial $145

Experience a genuine deep pore cleanse with this revitalizing facial. It's like a breath of fresh air for fatigued, congested skin! Controlled oxygen exposure enhances a range of skin conditions including oily or congested skin, active acne, rosacea, broken capillaries, hyperpigmentation, and erythema, promoting brighter, clearer skin. 

Key Features: Oxygen RX Treatment, High-Frequency Therapy, Extended Extraction Time. 
Pairs well with: LED Light Therapy, Hydrojelly Mask, Peel Booster





The Herbal Facial $145

The Back Facial $145

Our calming and hydrating treatment— a true embodiment of prevention and protection. Infused with the antioxidant-rich ingredient, CBD, this facial incorporates its benefits throughout each step. Not only does it effectively soothe inflammation and sensitivity, but it also offers potent protection against environmental damage while balancing the skin's complexion. 

Key Features: Exclusive CBD treatments and an upgraded Hydrojelly Mask.
Pairs well with: LED Light Therapy, Dermaplane (if non-sensitive), Nano Infusion, Peptide Firming mask

Our customized back treatment is tailored to address a variety of skin concerns, with a special emphasis on treating acne, texture, and pigmentation. This comprehensive treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a customized mask to rejuvenate and clarify the skin on your back. Our skilled estheticians will personalize the treatment to suit your specific needs, leaving your back smoother, clearer, and more radiant. (ADD ONS NOT AVAILABLE)

Unsure of your selection or prefer to entrust the choice to our Estheticians? Our custom facials offer an experience tailored to your skin and specific concerns, leveraging the expertise of our estheticians. From essential treatments to comprehensive care, we have you covered.

Specialized Treatments

Have something in particular you'd like to target? We've carefully curated our specialty treatments to target specific skin conditions and concerns by pre-selecting modalities and treatment pairings that deliver noticeable results.

The Rewind Facial $155

While we don't subscribe to the concept of "anti-aging," we firmly believe in proactive aging. Our Timeless Facial is designed to help you maintain healthy, resilient skin that reflects your youthful energy. Focused on restoring skin elasticity, volume, and overall health, while also serving as a preventative measure against new damage that can accelerate the aging process. As signs of skin damage become more pronounced with age, this facial includes a targeted nano infusion treatment to address specific concerns, followed by our peptide firming mask. This mask stimulates skin's natural microcirculation, facilitating the transportation of essential nutrients and oxygen for optimal skin health and deliver immediate firming, lifting, and tightening benefits. 

 Key Features: Nano Infusion, Firming Peptide Mask
Pairs well with: Dermaplane, Hydrojelly Mask, LED Light Therapy, Peel Booster


All of our skincare services are meticulously crafted to help you achieve your healthiest skin possible. We specialize in providing a safe haven for peace of mind while delivering transformative results.

Facial Add-Ons Available:

- Nano Infusion

- Peptide Firming Mask

- Peel Additive

- Chemical Peel

- Lash Lift & Tint

- Brow Tint & Wax

-Dermaplane Exfoliation

- LED Lightstim Therapy

- Hydrojelly Mask

- $7 Nose Wax for Facials

- $5 Lip Wax for Facials

- $10 Brow Wax for Facial

- Chemical Peel for Chest

 Hydrafacial MD


The Signature: $175
Includes the signature 3 step facial and our famous Hydrojelly mask

The Deluxe: $225
Includes the signature 3 step facial, with a custom Booster Serum infusion, LED Light Therapy, and  our Hydrojelly Mask

The Platinum: $225
Includes the signature 3 step facial, with a custom Booster Serum infusion, LED Light Therapy, lymphatic drainage with facial cupping, hydra-dermabrasion exfoliation, and our Hydrojelly Mask


“Like a carpet cleaner, but for you face”— just don’t tell anyone I said that because this service is SO much more!

the ultimate Experience in advanced skincare, This cutting-edge treatment is a non-invasive, multi-step facial MACHINE that combines the benefits of hydradermabrasion, vortex painless extractions, and a unique fusion of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Designed to deliver immediate, visible results. the Hydrafacial treatments can be customized and upgraded while effectively addressing a variety of skincare concerns.

Hydrafacial-Exclusive Add-Ons:

- Hydradermabrasion 

- Lymphatic Drainage 

- Booster Serum

- Eye Perk

- Lip Perk


Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

The Face Reality Acne Program is a highly effective skincare program with a proven success rate in treating acne. Through personalized consultations, customized treatment plans, and targeted home care routines, the program is designed to achieve clear, healthy skin.

During your initial appointment, we will conduct a thorough consultation and skin analysis to determine your skin type, acne type, and lifestyle triggers. We will also establish your skin goals and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. As part of this comprehensive approach, we will create a custom home care routine, which constitutes 75% of the program's effectiveness and is included in the cost of your appointment—no hidden fees or surprises!

Additionally, you will receive a full acne treatment during this session to accelerate skin healing and promote clearer skin, setting you on the path to achieving your skincare goals. 

Your Full Size Acne Kit will include:
- Cleanser
- Toner
- Moisturizer
- Clean
- Skin Club Towel set
- 2x Wool Dryer balls
- Customized Treatment Plan Folder

Clients should expect to spend $60+ on home care the 2nd visit to include your actives, and then restock products as you run out over time. HOME CARE IS THE KEY and mandatory to be on the program, results cannot be guaranteed without proper home care and lifestyle changes. 


Welcome to acne bootcamp, we're literally going to change your life, without harsh medications and useless products. We are proudly Decatur's #1 acne specialist with a 95% clearing rate!


Initial Consult and Treatment, Kit Included: $275

Advanced Acne Treatment: $135
This treatment is exclusively available for clients already enrolled in our Acne Program. Includes enzyme or peel exfoliation, extractions, high-frequency treatment, LED light therapy or a corrective mask, comprehensive skin analysis, and an update to your skincare routine.

Express Acne Treatment: $115
This treatment is exclusively available for clients already enrolled in our Acne Program. Includes enzyme or peel exfoliation, extractions, skin analysis, and routine update.